Marriage Allowance

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  • Hi
    I hope you can help me please as there seems no help with my problem. My husband is eligible to claim MA and registered straight away. After a few weeks he got an email to apply online. As part of this process you gave to verify your identity with one of the agencies including the Post Office. we tried them all but the stumbling block is none of the bank accounts, credit cards will be accepted for the financial check. I emailed the companies and the Post Office replied saying the problem is the banks etc.. are not set up for this. I emailed the Gov helpline who said they were aware and alternative methods will be in place at some point but in the meanwhile ring up . I rang up and after wait By to endless messages about the nature of the allowance and telling me to go online it the automated system then said it was too busy to take calls and hung up. I can't find another way of sorting this out or any email address for help. There must be lots of people frustrated by this. Wonder if there was any help via MSE please. Thanks
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    I too had problems with the application. I chose Post Office and had the problem with the financial check despite holding my current account for many years (Don't worry guys I have been round most others to to get the switching bonuses!).
    I also made the daft mistake of applying for me when I wanted my wife to transfer to me. I didn't read the instructions carefully enough.
    To be clear, the person transferring has to register, wait for email with personal link, apply with verify etc.

    Anyway due to that mess and the fact I'd used my link three times so it locked me out and I didn't fancy waiting whilst I reregistered etc I phoned HMRC up. Less than ten minutes later the person I spoke to, spoke to my wife and put our application through there and then! Lovely job and within a couple of weeks my new tax code dropped on the doormat!

    Lastly if you do ring them, use SayNoTo0870 or similar to ensure you're not ringing an expensive line.

    Hope this helps.
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    Sorry if I am being silly. Can we claim this if I am not working?
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    Can I ask if après on is temping can he claim and the partner is a house wife and how to apply an what happen re if paid in week in arrears
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    le_loup wrote: »

    Worth repeating this post - the link above is to the existing thread, which has been running for quite some time now and contains all the information you're likely to need.

    Little point in setting up this new, duplicated, thread.
  • I am eligible for my wife to transfer the marriage allowance to me as a taxpayer. Will that increase my Tax, as with the transfer it will increase my income. We are both retired aged 76.
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    frappy wrote: »
    I am eligible for my wife to transfer the marriage allowance to me as a taxpayer. Will that increase my Tax, as with the transfer it will increase my income. We are both retired aged 76.

    The allowance being transferred reduces your income on which you pay tax and hence the tax you pay.
    It is worth doing this if the spouse making the transfer is NOT paying tax and the spouse receiving the transfer is paying tax.
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    Your guide states that "One of you needs to be earning £10,600 or less (not including any of your £5,000 tax-free savings interest)"

    Looking at other sites including it would appear that the £10600 earnings limit DOES include savings interest.

    Please review your guide.
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    Am I right in thinking that gov. plan to up the amount to full unused allowance soon ?
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