McAfee Internet Security Suite and Sky

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A few months I ago I signed up with Sky and got the 12 month free trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite. I downloaded this onto my laptop. However my laptop died and I bought a new hp one. With the new laptop it also offered a free short trial with McAfee. Someone set my laptop up for me and they downloaded this free trial (they were unaware I already had McAfee with Sky).

Now this trial I got with the new laptop has run out and I keep getting McAfee pop ups saying my computer is not protected. I have logged onto my Sky account and it states on there I am protected with McAfee. However I don't get the usual scans and when I click the McAfee tab on my laptop it is saying it is not protected. I have tried for the past week to download additional copies of McAfee from my Sky account onto my laptop but it keeps saying this service is unavailable.

Please could someone tell me if I am protected or whether I need to download McAfee on my new laptop? Am I ok to still use broadband as according to Sky it says I am protected?

Many thanks for any help.


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