Advice on flooring space as it isnt solid floor want to fill it in to prevent flood??

Hi, just wondered if anyone can advise me on this issue. I have an excouncil house which has is hollow in my front room. What I mean as is the floor boards sit on the rafters but it isnt solid underneath and when the water rises (as we are on a high flood table)water comes up underneath. This isnt too much of a problem however as the water tables are getting higher it is rising higher and 2wks ago was about 1" below the rafters (highest its ever got).

My next door neighbour has her space filled so has a solid floor, I know that the water will have to go elsewhere but would be eaiser to sandbag etc outside preventing it coming in than it coming up under the front room where we have no control.

How would I go about getting this concreted? Would it be a specialist that would need to do it or a builder I just dont know where to start with getting info/prices and advise etc

Any one advise? Sorry hope it makes sense, hard to describe.

Thanks In advance Lisa


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    Hi Jaffacat.
    We live in an old miners cottage and the rear room had a earth floor. We dug that out and concreted it.
    You can do it youself, but you need a few helpers and someone with a little bit of know how.
    You also need to line and insulate the floor.
    Our room is about 12"x13".
    cost about £350 all in with free labour.

    Go to borders and have a look at Collins complete DIY manual, they give you a good idea how to do it. Don't buy it unless absolutly necessary it cost £25.

    It might be a good idea to put the question on the forum at There's some experts on there that provide great advice.
    If you can keep your head, when all around you are losing theirs. You have underestimated the seriousness of the situation!!!
  • You could put a sump pump with a float switch in the floor space which will deal with a fair rate rate of water ingress (some pumps can work at 500+ litres per minute). You need to find/make an exit for the hose though.
  • cheers guys - looking into filling in the floor space

    Much appreciate your feedback & help

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