Changing Water Pump costing much

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My place did not get water from yesterday and an engineer came today to check
He said the water pump needs to be changed;

And charged as below:
On call visit: GBP50 (Paid)
Pump: GBP190-220
Labour: GBP150
Total: GBP340-370

I think this is too expensive.
Is it normally charged this much?


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    I live in Greater London and used a Trustmark plumbing company. I bought a Grundfos pump myself (exact model of the previous one that lasted 20 years). The plumber charged me about £165 (inc Vat) for Labour and new isolation valves. The pump cost me about £100 from some plumbing website. I personally think I could have got a better quote £40 cheaper but didn't want to take the risk with someone who wasn't institute of plumbing qualified. All plumbers seem to charge a lot in Greater London area , maybe the costs of running a business are higher.
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    What do you mean 'did not get water'? If you tap water supply stopped and for some reason you have a pumped supply which you pump yourself for a potable water pump it would be about right.
    Do you want your money back, and a bit more, search for 'money claim online' - They don't like it up 'em Captain Mainwaring
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