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New front door

in Is this quote fair?
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To supply and install 1 door with Edwardian 4 Db1 reinforced door panel, letterbox, anti-snap and anti-bump locking barrels :

£610 inc VAT.

Door seen here :

Company are FENSA and generally have a good rep.

Good price?

How about no longer being masochistic?
How about remembering your divinity?
How about unabashedly bawling your eyes out?
How about not equating death with stopping?


  • Pay a few quid extra and get a better door.
  • FurtsFurts Forumite
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    tea-bag wrote: »
    Pay a few quid extra and get a better door.

    The wording may be a bit blunt, but these are my thoughts too. Pvcu external doors are so last decade. Do not think that I am a fashion follower, but the market has moved to composite doors. Hence your door will rapidly seem dated.

    But if pvcu is your choice the ones advertised in my local advertising magazines come cheaper than this. Or B&Q Tradepoint do composite doors starting at around £360.
  • greenfacegreenface Forumite
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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    price is fine . doors ok . company is known then all is good . as above also you could get better but pay more .
    :cool: hard as nails on the internet . wimp in the real world :cool:
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