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Hi, I have a Tesco Mastercard and just received an email from them offering "0% interest on balance transfers for up to 14 months (2.99% fee)". I would like to take up this offer but the email also says "You will still be charged interest on any purchases you make, even if you pay off the full purchase balance each month".

I pay off my spending every month, so does this mean that I will be charged interest on that (but nothing on the balance transfer? I don't pay interest at the moment.

I'm confused - help!


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    You only enjoy "up to 56 days" interest free if you clear your entire statemented balance by it's payment due date (and have done the same the previous month), so, yes, you will not be able to avoid interest on any purchases you make after the BT has been made.

    If you take the offer, then use a different card for purchases. Better still, get a new card with a much longer 0% on BTs period and/or lower BT fee.
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    yes - you only get the (up to) 56 days interest free if you pay off the entire balance each month. If you do a BT at 0% you won't be paying that off in full so all purchases will start to incur interest from the day of purchase.
    Best advice is to never mix BT and purchases on the same card as it gets confusing.
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