Money Saving With Determination

Back in 2010 we had other things on our mind, our son was born so free time was little. Prior to this we were dedicated money savers and regularly checked on what we had been paying for things.

I said to my good lady this evening right time to get back on the ball with out bills.

I have only switched energy and house and contents insurance so far this evening and already we have £300 per annum saving.

To list includes:-

Sky Broadband (the only service get from them) £15.00 per month any saving tips or haggling ideas welcome please.

Phone BT Line Rental is at Standard cost about £16.xx something per month so need to save here. We have Free E&W calls for 12 months so I may not be able to escape until this expires.
All our odd day calls go via 1899 so only 5p per whole call
Again any tips welcome please.

Water Rates, well can't do much about that until 2018 when monopoly may end.

Any how thanks MSE for your various links that have helped us so far this evening.


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