MSE News: Will the election hit the pound – it's at €1.39 should I buy now?

The pound is at near record highs with £1 buying €1.39, but politics does play a role in currency movement ...
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Will the election hit the pound – it's at €1.39 should I buy now?


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  • benjusbenjus Forumite
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    Why do these threads always keep popping up when the answer is always the same: no-one knows.

    Oversimplifying enormously, if the pound is at €1.39 it means that opinion on the foreign exchange markets is balanced as to whether it will go above or below 1.39. And yes, these people are aware that an election is coming up so will have factored that into their opinions.
    Let's settle this like gentlemen: armed with heavy sticks
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  • CastleCastle Forumite
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    Deja Vu; I suggest the situation in Greece will have a much greater effect on the Euro.
  • oldnewhandoldnewhand Forumite
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    Just back from Crete. Took some euros intending to use Santander zero credit card for larger purchases. Not everywhere accepts credit cards so went to ATM, first one couldn't process, second one was restricted choice of withdrawal amount, but decent rate. Duty free zero credit card fine. Still a great destination though.
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