Hi! I am writing an article for a national women's magazine about women who get things for free. I am looking for someone with a good story to tell about something they get/got for free.

I can pay a small cash sum for your story. It could be:
- free haircuts by being a salon 'model'??
-free gym membership in exchange for something?
- you kitted out you house using Freecycle?
-free food? (maybe you've been a mystery diner for years?).

It can't be something which is a benefit of your job, it needs to be something you get free which other people could replicate in some way.

Please get on touch if you think you can help. You need to be female and I will need a few photos. I will need to conduct a brief interview with you and will pay you for your time (plus you'll get to see yourself in the magazine!).
Thanks, in advance, for your help!
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