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Hi, I wanted to post my story (again) and maybe get some feedback about where I could take it to get some more publicity for how I've been messed around by Student Finance...

I will try to be brief...

2010-12: Completed Cert HE part time with the OU

2012: Applied to SFE for full time funding, told that as I hadn't completed my Cert HE at the time I was applying I did not need to declare it as I was entitled to my full 3 years as I'd studied part time and only completed the equivalent of 1 year of a whole degree (no mention of the time it took me to complete it)

2013: Dropped out of full time course due to illness, granted CPR and told (in writing) that my funding was intact if/when I wanted to go back to any university.

2013-2015: Decided to complete A-levels to get into better university than I could with my Cert HE alone.

Feb 2015: Applied to SFE and rejected and told I only have 1 years funding left under: (length of course +1: 4 as calculated by SFE) - (years spent in HE: calculated as 3 by SFE) = 1 year left. I have been disputing this for the last almost 3 months.

They then changed it so they applied my CPR year to year 1 of my new course so I got years 1 and 3 funded. My mother (who is a pensioner) decided to draw down about £11,000 from the value of our family home to fund year 2.

Then funding for year 1 was taken away after another department looked at my CPR evidence stating that I wasn't eligible for the funding I got in 2012 anyway, as I had completed 2 years part time with the OU, so I would not get that year back so I was back to 1 years funding.

Since then I have re-registered with the OU and have set myself up to study with them and complete my degree from October. My mother has allocated the money to paying off some of the debts she's accrued in keeping me whilst I have been too ill to work or study, so that money is no longer available to me.

Yesterday I got an email saying that the regulations had been incorrectly applied and I am in fact eligible for funding in years 1 and 3. But it is too late now. My mother *may* be able to draw down another £11,000 again from the house, but I really cannot let her do this.

They have apologised in the email, but I do not feel this is enough. I have emailed Watchdog about 3 times, I have previously got in touch with my MP (who was useless) and who I will contact again, and I plan to contact local papers.

But I really want to get this out in the open as they have totally messed up my life and my mother's life. We have financially crippled ourselves over the last two years so I can complete my A-levels and get places at the best university possible: I was offered places at Edinburgh, York, Sheffield and Newcastle. Due to Student Finance and their incompetence I am unable to go.

Any advice or shares appreciated.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the long post!


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    Just to add to it.

    I was told to apply again which I have done. Today I received two letters dated the day BEFORE I applied stating I was entitled to no funding and the other stating that I couldn't have any funding because of ELQ...

    They are just awful, I really don't understand how they could make so many mistakes over and over again.

    I have emailed Watchdog again and strongly urge anyone else with a complaint about Student Finance to do the same.
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