Very very confused about SFE processes for illness

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I'm in year 2 of a 3 year course. I'm doing really well academically, but my health has taken a hit this year and I may need to repeat part of the year because of a high absence rate for hospital appointments/consultant appointments/treatments etc.

I have 1 year of previous study from a few years ago and SFE are of course aware of this. I withdrew at the end of year 1 then for very serious health reasons. SFE were not funding me or paying tuition fees, but I had applied for support for year two of that course that I withdrew as soon as I withdrew from the course at the end of year one. When I withdrew my application I sent in a consultant's letter, but then was so poorly that I didn't send anything else and just forgot about it.

I called SFE today to ask if that year of study is counted since I when I withdrew I was poorly and they have evidence of this and first of all they couldn't see a record of previous study. When I insisted it was there, they found a record along with correspondence saying they would accept CPR for that year, but that they needed further documents from me regarding a transfer between universities before they approved. I did not transfer from one uni to another at the time, it was just one year of study and I then withdrew but was so unwell at the time I may have been sending the wrong forms/parts of forms to them.

The advisor I spoke to today said there is no need to apply for CPR as they're funding my next year anyway, but if I need to repeat part of it or all of it what happens? Do I apply for CPR for this year? When can I do this? Does the year need to be over or can I do it now? Do I send in a letter applying for CPR for that year of previous study a few years ago or a letter stating there was no transfer of any sort or do I risk confusing SFE further about the whole thing if I do this?

I'm very confused and would appreciate any help with this.



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    id wait until your situation has more clarity. Its complex and a bit confusing, why go through all of that, find its not needed and then have to unpick it. You will make their computer explode!
    (Particularly as you are funded for next year anyway its not as if you will have no money if it isn't sorted now - although i understand that isn't the point)
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    Hi Andyfromotley and thanks for the reply.

    It is confusing and complex you're absolutely right; thing is that extra year is more likely to be needed than not. Aaah that elusive clarity! :)

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    I ended up applying for CRP for the current academic year after getting advice from student welfare office at my uni.

    Now being told by SFE that because I have a child the assessment situation for CRP is more complicated than the norm, but that I may not need CRP to repeat this year since there doesn't seem to be an old year of study recorded on the system.

    How is that even possible, when I've included info about the old year of study in my application to SFE and told SFE on the phone numerous times? Also...why would CRP applications be more complicated when one has a child...?! Does more complicated in this case mean I'd be less likely to be awarded CRP?

    Any help/advice would be appreciated. I'm a bit stressed about it all...

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