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Hello All!
There's a rumour going around work that all of us that had no running water for days after the floods can claim compensation from Severn Trent Water. The figure being banded around is £20 for the first day, then £10 for every subsequent day up to and including the day that drinkable tap water was provided (i.e. today, as it's only just been announced that it's drinkable). If this is true, by my reckoning we're entitled to £180 per household.
Has anybody else heard this? Can anybody confirm if it's true or not?

I'm told that STW aren't automatically offering this, customers have to ring them to make a claim.
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    I heard the same thing as well !!

    All I can find this a refernece on the Ofwat website to something called the
    "The Guaranteed Standards Scheme"

    which seems to confirm what you heard but no mention of how to claim ....

    Can anybody help anymore ?
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    Local radio was just saying that there's going to be an announcement from severn trent at 7.30am, could be about anything I suppose but maybe it's about compensation :confused: I was still half asleep and not even sure whether it was severn sound or radio glos :D
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    Don't count your chickens!

    We had a similar rumour in 2005 after the flooding in Carlisle in relation to loss of electricity/gas/water supply and non-functioning of sewers.

    Believe me, you WON'T be getting any compensation, because the loss of supply and the subsequent undrinkable water WASN'T Severn Trent Water's fault.

    From the OFWAT link in the post two up from here:

    "There is no entitlement to compensation if the circumstances are so exceptional that it is, in the Director's view, unreasonable for the company to have avoided the interruption or cut off."

    So, the Director General of OFWAT will correctly confirm that no compensation is payable.
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  • Severn Trent's Official Announcement from this morning states that they will not be giving any compensation:

    "In other circumstances, customers are entitled to payments for failures in service under our Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS), which is set out in law and overseen by the Regulator, Ofwat. GSS payments will not apply in this instance, due to the unprecedented weather events which led to the loss of supply. This exclusion is set out in the GSS regulations.

    They say they are going to make available £3.5million to support communities that have been affected by the floods.

    They also say that our water bills won't be going up because of the floods due to price increase limits imposed by Ofwat.

    You can read their full statement here.
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    I didnt have much hope of any compensation tbh
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