MONEY MORAL DILEMMA:Should Walter's mum pay for Dennis the menace's temper tantrum?



  • Estimator1
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    Obviously, the size & cost of the replacement window should be considered, if it was (for example) a patio door costing £1000, I would try to get the neighbour to claim under their house insurance?
    Isn't that what house insurance is for?:confused:

  • Walter's Mum should have been supervising? How closely? Depending on the age of the child, it would be 100% impractical to keep 2 young lads under such close supervision. And even if they were supervised, it wouldn’t stop a child throwing a ball in a 5 second tantrum! If a child get's involved in a fight at school, the head teacher certainly doesn't blame his/herself, saying that he should have been stood on the exact spot of the fight, just in case.

    If I were Dennis' parent, I would be embarrassed to hear that my child had been so violent and thrown a tantrum, and I'd expect to pay myself for the damage (unless it was somehow insured and wouldn't cause too much of a problem to claim (loss of no claims etc)) I would of course take it out of Dennis' pocket money, with interest is I was feeling mean (not at 19.9%APR, just a £10 or so…. And give it him back after he’d sulked for a bit – am I evil?). He'd know that this behavior would not be tolerated when his pocket money stopped for a few years!!!

    So ultimately, Dennis should pay, via his own parents/guardians.
    Please note: I am NOT Martin Lewis, just somebody else called Martyn that likes money saving!
  • Dennis should apologise and pay.Dennis's parents should pay for the damage and take it out of Dennis's pocket money until its repaid to them.People,including children,have to learn to take personal responsibility for their actions.This isn,t America you know!
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  • nej
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    This is the easiest one ever, not even a dilemma. Dennis's parents must pay. If it was a patio door or something costing thousands, then unfortunately the neighbours must claim from their insurance (unless Dennis's parents are loaded), but still Dennis's parents must pay the excess.

    As for Dennis paying back his parents - I agree he should, but Dennis may not even have pocket money.
  • kamoha
    kamoha Posts: 42 Forumite
    Dennis should pay - in BLOOD or vital organs sold to the highest bidder. Little !!!!!!.
  • JayD
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    Well I think that Dennis's parents should pay too but I also believe that Walter's mum was in loco parentis and would be the one legally responsible.

    However, I am sure that Walter and Dennis's mum would have a good enough relationship to discuss the incident in a friendly way and I would be very surprised if Dennis's mum didn't apologise to Walter's mum for the stressful time her son had given her and to offer to pay for the window straight out.

    How she and her husband sort this with their unruly son is a totally separate issue.
  • kamoha wrote: »
    Dennis should pay - in BLOOD or vital organs sold to the highest bidder. Little !!!!!!.

    Brilliant! Couldn't have put it better myself! :T

    There's plenty of people out there needing new organs after all...
    Trust me - I'm a scientist!!! :idea:

    Mortgage - too big to comprehend!

    CC debt - none! :beer:
  • armcurl
    armcurl Posts: 23 Forumite
    Texi wrote: » could always hang a sign around his neck saying 'looser' ...

    Yeah, then everyone could mock his poor spelling as well as his inability to catch a ball. He'd grow up into a well-adjusted adult for sure...
  • katiekittykat
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    Dennis's parents should pay!
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  • Kio
    Kio Posts: 5 Forumite
    Dennis's parents should be informed immediately so that they can show up, pay and get their horrid child away from Walter. If I were Walter's mum I would then ensure that he and Dennis lost contact altogether before Walter came home with a big black eye after Dennis lost that temper with him or began to pick up that sort of behaviour and throw things through the neighbours' windows himself.
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