MONEY MORAL DILEMMA:Should Walter's mum pay for Dennis the menace's temper tantrum?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Walter's mum pay for Dennis the menace's temper tantrum?

Dennis, a rather unruly lad, is invited by his best friend Walter to play during the summer holidays. While all three are out in the garden playing mini-rounders, Dennis becomes frustrated by his lack of ability to catch, so snatches the ball from Walter and throws it straight through a neighbour’s window. Walter ’s mum feels she supervised the kids as best as possible and couldn’t have prevented the malicious incident.
Should Walter's mum pay for Dennis the menace's temper tantrum?
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  • No Dennis's parents should pay.
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  • Ms_Chocaholic
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    Agree with Wendy, Dennis' parents should pay.
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  • NO WAY, Dennis's parent/next of kin should pay. If they don't Walter's Mum should approach the owner of the window and tell them the circumstances then never let her son play with Walter again unsupervised.

    This kind of behaviour should not be tolerated, but Walter's Mum should not be out of pocket, as it isn't her or her son's fault. Dennis's parents shouldey should bear the cost.

  • Leothecat
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    Dennis's parents should pay.
  • Walter's Mum should pay and hope (HA) that Dennis's parents will do the decent thing and reimburse her. (And never let him nearWalter again).
  • Budget
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    Dennis' parents to pay, deducting the cost in weekly installments from Dennis' pocket money. UNLESS Dennis' parents live miles away and Dennis is staying with Walter and his parents for a few days, in which case Walter's parents to pay the neighbour and "reclaim" the payment from Dennis' parents asap. If they refuse, Walter's parents should sever all connections with Dennis and his family.
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  • 29spots
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    Why are Dennis parents paying, Dennis should pay. If he is not able to then he should pay the debt off with jobs.
  • Texi
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    Dennis might think he's rotten at catching a ball, but he sure can throw it. After congratulating him on that score, Walter's mum should pay since he was under her care for the duration of his visit. Denis's mum would probably feel obliged to reimburse Walter's mum but that's between them. Of course if you'd prefer to see Denis with even less self esteem, you could always hang a sign around his neck saying 'looser' or better still, put him out of his misery altogether but cutting him open to sell his guts for garters.
  • Dennis's mum should pay. But if I was Walters mum i would also want to ensure that the neighbour was recompensed so would end up paying if Dennis's mum didn't pay up
  • Dennis parents should pay with Dennis being told to apologise to the neighbour who's window was broken
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