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Save $$$$ on US Domestic Flights

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So I am planning my trip around America and came across Priceline and its "Name Your Price" feature.
My friend and I were looking to go to Honolulu from LAX and the flights were all coming up around £800+ for return, no matter what site we used (and we tried a lot). This was also a price for a Ryanair type airline, seats and baggage were not included in the price... Other traditional airlines were £1000+.
Anyway, we tried this "name your price" feature on Priceline and, being quite cheeky, we offered the airlines $815(£550) for return flights for both of us! :p
Anyway, to our surprise, our offer was accepted by United Airlines!
For $408(£270) I am going to Hawaii, almost saving 50%!! Plus, me and my friend can sit together for no extra cost, and our first bags only cost $25! :rotfl:
Thought id share this for anyone who is looking to fly within the US!
I highly recommend Priceline if you are flexible on your travel times. As you only get to choose the days you travel, not the time you depart or arrive. (We got morning flights which is fine for us, with no layovers). But they promise no more than 1 layover and that layover will not exceed 3 hours, so that's not too bad.


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