How we saved £10 a week on our leccy bill.....

by simply changing the light bulbs we use in high volume to LED 4W bulbs.

We was spending £22.50+pw on electric but on the last bill this was £12.50 pw.


  • this surprises me - do you work from home? have lots of lights on all the time?
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    this surprises me - do you work from home? have lots of lights on all the time?

    Our main rooms get no light at all until late in the evening when the sun goes down, so yes, the lights are on as there is very little natual light. And yes I am home all day, I do work from home because I have children. We are in a semi and our main rooms face west so get no light due to the dense trees that are around us (not ours) so the lights are on all the time if we are in the room, yes, even in the summer. Our cooker is also electric and some of our heating also (but this was on when the comparison was made, it should be less now that heating is off).
  • Great money saving tip. Any information on the light bulbs you'd like to add?
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    How many bulbs have you got running 24/7?

    I worked it out that your running 425watts per hour 24/7 just on lighting?

    Thats without factoring in the 4w usage of each new bulb.

    Do you live in a lighthouse? :)

    Neighbours over the road are like that their living room faces N/W and the windows are too small really.
    For the size of the room the windows are too small.

    We have our lights on now even though the sun is scorching.
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