Pay Back 0% Card or Save in ISA

Hi People,

I recently I did a balance transfer to a Barclay card with 36 months interest free.

I owe £7200 (from renovating a house) and am now in a position to start clearing this card, I aimed to do this in a year paying around £600pm.

Would I be better paying the minium of £130pm and then putting the remaining £470pm a month in an ISA and/or savings account so i can reap the interest then when it gets to the end of the 0% interest period of the Barclay card paying it off in one hit?

Thanks in advance.


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    yes as long as you are very disciplined and will still have the money available to pay off the balance just before the 0% ends.
    Maybe some sort of regular saver account?
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    Thanks MallyGirl,

    Good tip about the "Regular Saver Account" from my quick look I can see that the interest rates do beat out the ISA by a long way.
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    Also consider current accounts, many offer better returns than an ISA (even with the tax)
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    Open the 6% reg savers with HSBC/M+S/First Direct (all require a current account but FD pay £100 switching bonus)

    Assuming the market is the same in 1 year, when the reg savers mature put the money in TSB 5% and Nationwide Flex Direct 5% for 1st year, open up a new reg saver and carry on until 0% ends when you can either BT onto another 0% card, or pay it off in full.

    It takes a bit of work, planning and dicipline, but there's several hundered pounds there if you do it right (should be even better with the savers' allowance from next year)
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