Cards most likely to offer credit limit of £6000(ish) and 0% purchases?

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I’m hoping to get some advice on which cards are most likely to offer me a credit limit of approximately £6000 and 0% on purchases.

Ideally I will need 32 months at 0% (at which point my ISA will mature), which would require a balance transfer and another card somewhere down the line, but I don’t currently have any balances I need to transfer.

I gather from the MSE and eligibility checkers that I have around 50-60% chance of acceptance on 0% cards by the Halifax, Lloyds or M&S Bank, around 80% for Barclaycard and 95% for MBNA Everyday. Presumably they would be my best bet, but I don't want to bother if the limits would be low. Also, Barclaycard and MBNA offer only 7-14 months or 11-16 months respectively at 0%, and 7 or 11 months - and maybe even 14 months - would not be good for me.

The low chance of acceptance would likely be due to my salary, which only just clears £15,000. Otherwise my credit file is reasonably healthy.

Santander have been my main current account provider for around 8 months, but I don’t have much chance of getting a card with them. My main account was with Halifax for 13 years prior to that (and I previously had an overdraft limit of £2750 with them until I cancelled it recently). Money still goes into and out of my Halifax accounts for the £5 reward.

I have current accounts with the following banks:

- Clydesdale/Yorkshire
- Co-op
- Halifax
- Lloyds
- M&S
- Nationwide
- Santander
- TSB.

My credit cards/available credit is as follows:

- £1000 on CapitalOne Platinum card
- £200 between two overdrafts

Any suggestions regarding credit limit will be much appreciated!


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