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Great news: You can now post links to your debt-free diaries in your signatures!

edited 20 July 2016 at 1:00PM in Debt Free Diaries
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  • TixyTixy Forumite
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    I can add a link to an MSE thread my signature with no error message.

    I don't actually have a diary so just tested it with a link to a thread in the DFW section.
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  • ScottishmummyScottishmummy Forumite
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    When you are editing your signature in the bit above where you can change colour or size of text there is what looks like a picture of the earth with a chain link. Click on that and a box appears that you put your diary link in. It worked for me.
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  • MrCrimeFictionMrCrimeFiction Forumite
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    This is the message I get when I try to put my link into the signature :o

    The following errors occurred with your submission:

    Unfortunately due to misuse in the past we can't allow links in signatures (live or inactive)

    Wish a forum member could help. I have emailed them but no luck....

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  • Just tried all of those tips and none of them work. I keep getting the error message. Ho hum.
  • MrCrimeFictionMrCrimeFiction Forumite
    393 posts
    Yep, would think some of the board guides or staff would help out but meh...
    Saving for that dream holiday
  • kindofagilrkindofagilr Forumite
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    SeduLOUs wrote: »
    Copy and paste this into your sig:

    {URL=""}My debt free diary{/URL}

    Replace all { and } with /B] and [B (I had to use a different bracket otherwise the code would 'work' and you wouldn't see what to type!)

    Replace with the link to your thread (keeping the quotation marks)

    Replace My debt free diary with whatever text you want to be shown in the signature to be clicked on.

    End result in preview/saved mode should look like this:

    My debt free diary

    This works everyone :) xx
    Current Debt £35,550.72/£44,856.56 ~ 31/01/20 - 20.74% Paid Off
    Mortgage (Start Date 01/04/09 ~ 30 year term, due to end 01/07/39)
    £79,446.56/£104,409.00 (as of 31/01/20) ~ 23.90% Paid Off

    POAMAYC 2020 #87 £1194.38 ~
    POAMAYC 2019 #87 £10,615.18 ~ POAMAYC 2018 #87 £13,912.57 ~ POAMAYC 2017 #87 £10,380.18 ~ POAMAYC 2016 #87 £7454.80

    Centre Parcs 20 Savings: £0/£500 ~ Centre Parcs 20 Christmas: £0/£1300 ~ Emergency Savings: £0

    My Debt Free Diary (Link)
  • Even the instructions that seem to be working for others aren't helping. Still getting the error message. :(
  • I cannot get this to work at all. Any more suggestions please?
    On 23.6.15 I panicked when I realised I owed £37,311.62
    I will be debt free [STRIKE]by July 2018[/STRIKE] as soon as I can. Current debt £26,473.73
    I am now living within my means - without an overdraft and with a (YNAB) budget
  • blubellablubella Forumite
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    Tried all of these things and still getting error message...does not work!! :(
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  • Former_MSE_AndreaFormer_MSE_Andrea Former MSE
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    Hi everyone!

    Don't forget to add your forum diary link to your signature to show everyone how you're getting on!

    Andrea :)
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