Military Overpayment regarding AIP

Hi all,

Please see this link in the mirrow which explains my position. I am no longer in the military yet they are trying to claim back money that i now allegedly owe them.

Given im no longer in service and if i refuse to pay it back, what would they do?

Planning for my future early

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  • Just read the article... so many errors in it can't take anything it says as fact...
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    There's a long-running thread on the unofficial RAF forum, at

    that may help - good luck!
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    Theres a group on FB - mainly for RAF.
  • im still in, loads of guys being hit including ex Raf, the ones that are still serivng are being hammered and forced to pay it back, the ones that have been left are still going to be chased. your pension is one way of re-claiming it back is what i have heard
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    Carpi09 wrote: »
    Given im no longer in service and if i refuse to pay it back, what would they do?

    Ultimately (assuming you weren't entitled to the payment) they can take you to court & get an attachment of earnings order or send the bailiffs round.
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    When I was serving I recall an announcement that we were all due a bonus for the amount of time we had served overseas (it was a significant period).
    We were all entitled to a bonus of about £3k, great!!

    I was detached from my unit in Norway at the time so I had no opportunity to submit my claim with all the others until I returned.

    When I did, I dutifully submitted my claim, a mirror of all the others who by now, had received the money only to get a rejection.

    My formal complaint got met with an official response that the rules had been misinterpreted and we were not, in fact, entitled to claim.

    Mine was rejected whilst everone else were allowed to keep their money.
    I was pretty miffed but without the support of my own unit (who obviously didn't want to make any waves) got nowhere.

    I'm not at all surprised by this but mine is just another example that this isn't the only misappropriation of funds by those clowns.
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