Low intensity exercises for start of weight loss

Generally what would people recommend for a low intensity exercise for fat burning / weight loss?

My body itself is in OK health despite me being morbidly obese. I don't get breathless easy, but I can't run 100 yards either without being breathless (nor would I want to) :(:(

Anyway, what suggestions would people say I start off with as carrying around all this extra weight is starting to take it's toll on me. Combined with outside stress in my personal life it feels like my blood pressure is going sky high all the time and I'm exhausted
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  • I dont know if you feel like dancing, but dancing is a good one you can do in your house. If you have a back garden or enough room inside, try skipping too. They are both high intensity exercises. When Im feeling self conscious I like to go to the 24 hour gym (£5) at a ridiculous hour that nobody is awake, then I have the place to myself and have the choice of the machines. Good luck.
  • tomtontomtomtontom PPR
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    Walking - easy on your joints, you set your own pace, good for your mental health ... and it's free!
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    If you had the space you could consider getting a treadmill. Though check the weight limit on the machine as they often specify a limit (just being practical there! Sometimes the limits are quite low) This would enable you to start exercising at home, maybe whilst watching TV or listening to music.

    Maybe check out exercise videos on Youtube as I'm sure there will be many for low impact exercise. Also chair based exercise for limted mobility can be good, you can still work up a sweat!

    I agree with tomtontom, walking is good. I used to feel self conscious when I went out walking but listening to music as I walked really helped. And the faster tracks encourage you to walk quicker too...

    Good luck!
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    If you are heavy already, just walking about will be enough.
  • RichardD1970RichardD1970 Forumite
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    Agree with starting off walking.

    It has to be a brisk walk which raises your heart rate and makes you slightly out of breath.

    That is how my wife started, on a treadmill, then progressed to the C25K programme and is now, after loosing 9 stone
    (combining the exercise with the 5:2 diet) training for her first marathon.
  • fairy_lightsfairy_lights Forumite
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    I also think walking is your best bet. Doesn't cost anything, you don't need any equipment, and you can do it whenever you want.
    Do you currently do any walking or any other activities at all?
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    Walking, definitely. Dont underestimate how much good a brisk walk every day will do for you. When I started I mapped out a 2 mile route and walked this every day as fast as I could without being uncomfortably out of breath. When I could walk it easily at a good brisk pace I started jogging a bit, walking a bit until eventually I could jog it all. Then I increased the distance.

    Whatever you do make sure you do it steadily, listen to your body and if something really hurts then stop. Do it for you, at your own pace and you will succeed. Remember that all exercise is good for you, you dont have to run marathons or be going to the gym every day, that might come later!

    Oh and yes, to second what everyone else says, walking is a good stress buster.
  • Would also recommend walking. Swimming is also a great impact-free exercise.

    You could invest in a cheap aerobic step and use it while watching TV. Just step on and off for at least one program a day, gradually increasing speed and maybe swinging light hand weights as time goes on.

    It'd be a good place to start, and once your fitness has increased you can move on to something more challenging.
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    I LOVED aqua aerobics when I was heavier. Ok there is the rigmarole of getting undressed and getting in the pool. But once you're in there, it's movement to music and it's fun and quite good exercise. My experience was that there were a lot of women there who were carrying some weight and once I got over the initial fear the first time I really enjoyed it. I think aqua jogging would also be good but never got around to trying it.

    Good for you for doing something about it your weightloss, you will feel better whatever you do.
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    Make small changes.Takes the stairs instead of the escalator. Get off the bus 1 stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.Walk to the corner shop instead of taking the car. Take the dog twice round the block instead of once.
    Incorporate extra activity without actually exercising and build up your stamina/strength.
    Keep at it,it will take time
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