I'm having about 10family/friends round near Easter just for a get together all female aged between 30-60 but thought I could incorporate some Easter fun.does any one have any idea of easter theme games we could play. I'm doing a Easter egg hunt although any ideas on how to make it different from the usual hunt would be great. Thanks in advance


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    For the Easter egg hunt, I would stick a funny forfeit on each egg ;)

    Could do an Easter theme quiz, how many words each team can make out of 'Easter Egg Hunt' etc, or charades.
    Egg and spoon race but holding the spoon in their mouth and using a creme egg?

    One halloween game we did was eating donuts with your hands behind your back, that are tied up on string :rotfl::rotfl:
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    Thank you might just try those they sound like fun and will be a laugh
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    Hard boil some eggs, get some felt tip pens, glitter, glue and maybe some sequins and have an egg decorating competition.
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