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Please help, I've never had these problems before



  • restless6
    I was going to say the same regarding DLA, you will lose that and the higher tax credit disabililty rate if he is in long term hospital/care .

    You could claim carers allowance, move into your second property but would be financially better off working part time and staying on the tax credits.
  • kingfisherblue
    I know this might not be an option, but can his dad share some of the care? I have a disabled child, and it really wouldn't be an option in our case - dad lives too far away, and isn't interested in seeing the kids for more than a few hours on a Saturday. For some families, though, it can work. That way, you might be able to continue to work, maybe in a part time capacity, without compromising your son's care.

    My friend's son has mental health problems, and has been in a locked unit for several weeks before now. I know that she hasn't had an easy time by any means.

    Your daughter is likely to need extra attention when her brother returns home too - she will be used to having you to herself, and could find sharing you difficult to understand and deal with.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.
  • bll78
    bll78 Posts: 213 Forumite
    Hi on the carers allowance notes from for DWP it says
    Self Employment could mean:
    rent from property or land you own.

    I'm not sure what could means though???
  • bll78
    bll78 Posts: 213 Forumite

    Then I found this thread http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4083117 as long as it's one property and not run as a business it's not classed as income
  • MummyMoo

    Your daughter is likely to need extra attention when her brother returns home too - she will be used to having you to herself, and could find sharing you difficult to understand and deal with.

    I know you are after financial support, but unfortunately I cant give any (I'm still learning myself). However, I can offer some help on the point made by Kingerfisherblue; I have Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, I am also a single parent and my daughter is a young carer. She goes to set activities once every two weeks and they have a host of services to support her in various ways.... but the point relating to your situation in particular is that I recently found out that there is also a sibling young carers service, exactly for children who have siblings who have special needs or the such. I can't praise Young carers services highly enough, they are a fantastic group and it makes my daughter feel more 'normal' knowing that others are in the same situation as her and that she can talk openly about her experiences or difficulties to professionals and peers. My daughter was referred to the services through school, so maybe have a chat with your daughters school; it's gonna be a rapid and life changing transition for you all, and I wish you the best of luck :)
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  • kingfisherblue
    I did think about Young Carers, but as the little girl is only three, there is likely to be too young. In my area, YC only starts at age 7.
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