Free app to replace index/record cards?

Looking for a free app (android) to replace a paper system.
Currently I have one card for each customer.
Then, on each card I have between 1 and 10 car numberplates written.
Then, for each car I have the front and rear tyre sizes..
SO, something like:

Card No.42 Name: Mr Madeup.
AB53 123(BMW) - Front 235/55/18
- Rear 255/45/18
CD64 456 (Mazda) -Front 195/60/15
-Rear 195/60/15

Would like an app that does the same sort of thing on a phone or tablet.
Most of the time I would be looking the records up by customer name but being able to search or browse by reg/make would be handy.
It would also be ideal if I could make lists of all the tyre sizes in the records.

Does anybody know of an app that will do something like this?
Or some sort of database software that I could put everything into that will then return the information in a card style?

Would be nice to select the clients I am going to that day then show all tyres I need to take with me..



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