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Car leasing for high milage user?

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    Nynaeve wrote: »
    K3lvc - would you mind sharing more details about this? Who was it organised through and how much did you pay?

    See here - organised through Alfa Romeo UK
  • 17k is middle ground.

    10k is the usual amount for a lease from my experience, but seen companies who do 30k contracts.
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    It's worth doing the maths on whether it's more economical to own or lease. I think you have had awful luck with your current car.

    I do similar mileage to you and also bought my car in 2011 (a new Fiesta for circa 9.5k). I've had little trouble with it in 3.5 years of ownership apart from 2 new front tyres & wiper blades.

    My husband does 25,000 miles per year and he looked at leasing & purchasing outright. There was not much in it cost wise and you use the same dealer for servicing but we prefer the benefit of owning the car.

    Look around at lease companies as I've heard that although Ling is generally good, she does inflate her prices!

    Good luck with what you decide.
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