Paying Credit Cards From Outside The UK

Hi I was wondering if I could have some advice please. I am from the UK but moved to Ireland a number of years ago. I still have two UK credit cards which I have been paying by transferring money from my Irish bank account to my UK one. I really want to clear both these cards but the interest is so high on both. Also I am losing out transferring money from euro to sterling. I can't get a 0% uk credit card as I live outside the UK. Is there anything I could be doing as I really want to clear these debts.


  • The easiest way is to transfer to an UK account and pay from there.

    Alternately, call the credit card companies and ask them if you can transfer directly - They are not going to accept Euro transfers (atleast without their pound of flesh), so the only way to make the final payment is through a £ account.

    They can give you bank account details to which you can transfer money directly - just be aware of the problems of sending it as foreign exchange rather than sterling.
  • Thank you for your response. That is what I am currently doing - getting paid into my Irish bank account and doing an international bank transfer into my UK acccount, then paying my credit cards from this account online. What I would like to do is to reduce the interest on these credit cards by doing a balance transfer onto a 0% credit card such as santander but I can't apply for these cards as I am no longer a UK resident. Is there any card I can get from outside the UK?
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    Tbasically no, but does any Irish bank do credit cards? Lived offshore myself and had UK cards, but a few years back something happened and UK banks would no longer issue cards, so even if you clear your cards, don't close them, you may need them in an emergency.

    Have you tried

    It's a compare credit cards in Ireland
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