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I have recently received a letter from a company called Concentrix acting on behalf of HMRC saying they have evidence that I am claiming tax credits as a single person when they believe that I may have another adult living with me. First off, I claim as a single person because I am single and secondly where do they get their information from?! My main concern is that they are asking me to send them copies of my bank statements, utilities bills, rent account, any housing benefit and other information to prove that I am single. Obviously I'm a bit concerned as all this is private information and with all the stories of identity fraud that are going round, is this legitimate? I contacted Concentrix and they say it is a general letter they are sending to everyone claiming. Anyone else had this and is it legit?

Many thanks


  • sleepless_saver
    This is from the government website:

    1.2 Tax credits letters from Concentrix

    From November 2014, a company called Concentrix will be working on behalf of HMRC to check that people are receiving the correct amount of tax credits.
    Some tax credits customers will receive a letter that shows both HMRC and Concentrix logos. The letter will tell customers what they need to do, and the information they may need to provide. Concentrix may also contact customers by telephone.
    HMRC and Concentrix won’t ask customers to disclose any personal or payment information by text or email. Both HMRC and Concentrix are committed to ensuring the security of customer information.
  • zagfles
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    Is there any other adult who gets post at your address (perhaps an ex who hasn't updated address details etc)? Does anyone else pay any of your bills?
  • Icequeen99
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    They normally get there information from credit reference data. So someone using your address for post as Zagfles says, or you have a financial connection to someone else.

  • littleladybird
    Hi Jacklou I too received one of these letters on Friday.

    My letter goes a step further than yours in that it names the person I'm allegedly living with! Having lived on my own since 2004 it's safe to say I was more than surprised!! :eek:

    Since moving to my current address over 4 years ago I've been receiving mail for the named individual which I religiously sent back as 'unknown at this address'. Certainly the volume of letters has decreased significantly but I still continue to receive them.

    I've always assumed that she was the previous tenant as in the early days I had a couple of companies at the door looking for this individual. Apart from mild irritation I didn't think too much about it. It certainly never occurred to me that it may lead to receiving this letter from Concentrix.

    I phoned Concentrix on Friday to be told I had to forward all the documents they have requested in order for them to update my file.

    I've been asked to send the following original documents for the period 06 Apr 2014 to 17 Jan 2015 -

    - Statements from all your bank and building society accounts (including any joint account)

    - Your mortgage statement or a copy of your rental agreement if you rent your home

    - Your council tax bills

    - Your gas, electricity, water and telephone bills

    Plus other information which doesn't apply to me regarding divorce, child support etc

    I too am disgusted with the amount of information this company is requesting a lot of which I don't actually have. Like most people I operate most of my business online only which means I have to spend time contacting various companies requesting the above information.

    To be honest what I'm most annoyed at is the 'accusatory tone' of the letter :mad:

  • Teresa60
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    I received one of those back in December. My husband left the family home at end of 2013. He moved to Malaysia but came back for a visit to see the children and at the time hired a car, which is probably when it flagged up that he was still at the address. They stopped my tax credits, and I have had to try and give evidence that he is living abroad! Trying to get through on the phone to tax credits is a nightmare, I want to know if they have made a decision on the evidence I sent! Still waiting.
  • Jacklou7
    Thanks for all who have replied to my post. The address I live in is a new build so there have been no previous tenants. My main cause for concern though, is having to send my confidential information through the post and why so much of it?
  • Jacklou7
    I wish someone else would pay my bills, then I wouldn't need tax credits! lol
  • cifpower
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    Jacklou7 wrote: »
    Thanks for all who have replied to my post. The address I live in is a new build so there have been no previous tenants. My main cause for concern though, is having to send my confidential information through the post and why so much of it?

    Because you're claiming public money and, as such, HMRC has a duty to ensure that it is claimed legitimately.

    What exactly are you concerned about with regards to sending requested information?
  • cocacolakid
    I've just had a similar letter from Concentrix about living with another adult. I don't even have a boyfriend but I do live with my parents. They still want me to send documents to prove this which is very annoying. There are no previous tenants as my parents bought the house when first built.
    I spoke to a friend who used to work in tax office and she said concentrix are doing this without much training and have targets to meet for the number of letters they send out. So they see another name on electoral register or credit agency and automatically send out a letter.
    So nothing to worry about if you do live alone but a flaming waste of our time proving something they would know if they did any research. And flipping annoying to be accused of living with my Dad! (and Mum!)
  • SingleMom
    I also received one recently. I do have a tenant though he is definitely not my boyfriend. Do you think that will affect my single parent claim?
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