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i have some PVCu windows, the thing i have is that when i open them u can here the rubber seperating from the window. its kind of anoyying cause i cant open the window if someone is asleep in the room, does anyone know what i could use to make them smoother. i was thinking vaseline but aint sure.

plus this is the same problem with my car the back doors dont get opened much and they get stuck any one know what would help that too.

also can i use normal white car polish like autoglym to keep the pvcu window sides clean or does it have to be a wax polish, autoglym is a kind of liqud but does dry when applied.

thanks in advance



  • bigdicbigdic Forumite
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    For cleaning the windows I found that the wipes you get do a brilliant job, as they say does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Regarding the rubber seal noise, I've never had the problem but if I did I may try.

    1. Some furniture polish on the window itself, very light spray and wipe off should make the frame a little less sticky for the rubber.

    2. A little olive or baby oil (a tiny amount wiped on with kitchen roll) onto the rubber seal.

    Remember these are just things I'd give a go, never tried them. The vaseline also sounds like a plan.

    Good luck.

  • maninthestreetmaninthestreet Forumite
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    Try some silicone lubricant sprayed on the rubber seals - but check first that the lubricant can be used safely with rubber (should state this on the can).
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