Dfs Won't Mend My Broken Recliner - Help

Please help. I bought a two seater recliner in Dec 04 - with manual reclining mechanism. This broke in April 2006 and with their two year warranty came out and fixed it. It is now July 2007 and it has broken again. I telephoned DFS and said this is not acceptable workmanship for it to break twice is so little time - we have not got children and do not abuse the sofa at all. They said just get an independant upholsterer to mend it - that will cost a fortune. It is only a small wire and the end bit snaps off.

Does anyone know where I could get the small wire or what it's technical name is?

Or does the Sales of Goods Act 1975 cover this - because surely it is not fit for the purpose it was sold - i.e. 'A reclining chair' because it no longer reclines and am I right to believe that this lasts for 7 years from the date of purchase.

Please help - I am furious with DFS - as I am still blooming paying for it for the next 16 months too!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you :mad:
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    Not familiar with these mechanisms, but is sounds like a steel cable? with something on the end?

    Any chance of a pic? Probably something very simple could me made to work.
  • Thanks Hitch - I will up-end the sofa tomorrow and have a look - but yes - all it is - is a steel cable - and at each end is a round thicker bit - that slots in the hole in the sofa mechanism - and it is this bit that has 'fallen off/snapped off' twice.
    Food and Smellies Shop target £50 pw - managed average of £49 per week in 2013 down to £38.90 per week in 2016
  • HitchHitch Forumite
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    Not sure exactly how it fits in, but BnQ have a half sensible range of clips and things that may be of use.
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