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Hello all!

I'm thinking of making curtains for our sitting room as I can't find any ready made ones I like. However, I have never made curtains before (although I can sew clothes, so am confident with sewing and using a machine). The fabric I want to use has a repeating pattern (quite a large repeat so I know I'll have to think about matching up patterns). I think I just want to make a simple pleat (so just attaching a header tape?)

Does anyone have any hints or tips for a first-time curtain maker?

Thank you!


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    Something I didn't think about until it was too late...
    wash your material (and lining material if you're using it) before you start. It can sometimes shrink when washed, and if you've already made the curtains they may be too short after you've washed them later.

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    Nice hint - thank you!

    Should also have said, I don't intend on making them lined as I'll be buying separate thermal linings.
  • my mother makes curtains, so I have picked up a few tips.

    leave quite a large hem on them if you can, the extra weight at the bottom can help the curtains hang nicely, and also allows for alterations later on if required.

    if you are using curtain tape and gathering at the top to create a pleat, you may need to make sure the curtains are quite wide. I have 90x 90 curtains in my living room, the tape is pulled quite tight to create a pleat, but the curtains don't close fully, there is a 3 foot gap in the middle, so I just don't bother closing them!
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  • Allow 1 and 1/2 times the width of your windows to get a decent window coverage when shopping for your fabric.
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    One tip I learnt in a sewing class was when adding the header tape, right sides together, attach tape to top of material, sew along the top (usually a printed line) then fold tape over and you have a perfectly neat strip above tape
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