1 Debt vs 100 days part 18



  • Calling14
    Calling14 Posts: 3,498 Forumite
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    Byebye oh dear sorry to hear.

    Another ten pounds off for me - updated my signature.
    LBM 13039 1.1.13 Now £0 Finally Debt FreeMortgage free Oct 2019:)EFund/savings £25000 10/11/22
  • gettingtheresometime
    Well I put in my first £20 this week, made up of £10 in 20ps that I've saved and £10 in £1 that I've also saved.

    Slightly behind target but fingers crossed I can catch up
  • Elmly
    Elmly Posts: 103 Forumite
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    #8 Checking in!!
    £225/£2579 8.7%
    Advice needed - I am definately going to be owed a tax rebate... do I claim now and get my tax codes sorted and potentially not pay tax until April or do I wait until April to get it sorted and get a nice cheque come through (from what I have calculated around £1000)

    Hope everyone else is getting along good in the first few days of this challenge!!
  • Amara
    Amara Posts: 2,172 Forumite
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    £17.50 from me :)
  • DanielleNic87
    Payday for me... Another £50 from me. £100/£277.

    February GC £26.68/£250

  • donna_dynamo
    #10 here payday today so i have paid £145 extra on the credit card. Thst makes it £165/£500.
    #Sealed pot #085.
    1 debt versus 100 days £108.32/£300:j
    Debt Jan 2016 £6877.37. Aug £6155.56
    xmas saving £1 a day 274/366.
  • Hope78
    Hope78 Posts: 755 Forumite
    Another 16.54 today trying to decide whether to clear my Next acc right now (the money I won't pay to council tax this month will clear it) or wait a week or two as payday was only today and I hate seeing my balance jump down so quickly.
    LBM 03/07 £44k:eek: DFD 31/12/17 :A 12/17 £2545.50
    Credit Card £2500.00 & Next £45.00
    Savings = £81.21 & Help To Buy ISA = £4700.00
  • minkyr
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    No water rates to pay this month so £40 redirected to the cc

    Have a great MSE weekend everyone!

    *Beetles off to make sure 20 free fleabay Jan listings get used*
    Little steps and great strides both get you there.
  • fantastiyk
    Can I join in?

    I have £700 I want to clear.
    My last debt.
  • the_long_and_winding_road
    the_long_and_winding_road Posts: 123 Forumite
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    edited 1 February 2015 at 8:46AM
    Jumping in now for Monday.
    £47.98 off Next account leaving £390.00.

    Sorry Amara for the messing about but just checked my Next account balance and because of interest added on it means that my figures should read
    £38.22/£437.98. Pah, flipping pah!!
    I'll wait longer before updating this thread.
    Feel like I've confessed now :rotfl:

    £38.22 off Next account leaving £399.76.
    Pay all your debt by Xmas 2023 - #39 £2,570.09 / £12,000.00 (21.4%)
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