Long gone Night-clubs of Cardiff

in Wales
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I well remember Rob Brydon's comment in Gavin & Stacey:

"The last time I went out on a 'night-out' in Cardiff - went to Bumpers"

Can you remember Bumpers? Where else do you remember going 'out-on-the-town' ??

For example the Echo yesterday had a picture of the old Capital Cinema - anyone remember the dance hall in the basement - Capital Rendezvous?
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    Top Rank Queen St home of grab a granny

    Blue Moon, Mill Lane dodgy upstairs dive.

    Mont Morence? Charles St

    Showbiz- Gay/straight fusion in the 70's

    Then there was Sirs, Hunters, Tunnel, etc
  • gwynlas:

    Yes got some 'memories of the 'Rank' especially Monday Nights.

    Parked the car at the side of Boots, and then just across the road, or ay the back (off Greyfriars Road) - even went in once or twice via the emergency exit!
    I well remember, after having a good snog on the balcony, taking her home (two miles north), it was a hurried drop off - a guy came out of a house with a shotgun !!

    Blue Moon - (at the back of the open air fruit market at the bottom of the Hayes) remember there great music, with moisture running down the walls, and bottles on Newky Brown everywhere.

    Don't know the others you mention, but others:
    Flagstones - an 'in' place for a while, replaced by Jacksons - both of Westgate Street.

    But mustn't forget Titos - in Greyfriars Road - on two floors - had at least one Office Christmas Party there.
    But did have an 'accident' there too - used a finger to rub away a cigarette butt stuck to my shoe, problem was - it was a imbedded piece of glass! Not easy driving with one hand to A & E - had two stitches in the Royal Infirmary.
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    I have fond memories of Baker's Row back in my student days - 1976-1979.

    We used to have parties in a place upstairs on Greyfriars Rd - can't remember the name but must have been Tito's. Last time I was in there, just before graduation we were drinking tequila.... it seemed a good idea to try to climb a phone box on the way home :cool:

    Not a pub or club, but the Globe Cinema on Wellfield Rd was always cheaper than the big cinemas for the latest film. The usherette had a huge dog that would get excited and bark if the film was noisy!
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