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sewing machine help needed - complete beginner - I give up

edited 25 January 2015 at 11:23AM in Crafting
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  • pennib wrote: »
    I would go for Guttermann as well. Good for you giving sewing a go.

    Here is my latest make. Harry Hare, made from vintage cotton and then handpainted.


    WOW you are very talented. How long did it take you to make?
  • I have been sewing very slowing and watching what happens.

    After a few seconds the thread reel seems to spin making the thread untangle, if I stop straight way the machine stays threaded but the reel has started to unwind. Anyone any ideas?

  • tanithtanith Forumite
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    You can take it into a shop and have it serviced , they will get it working for you and set all the tensions correctly , not sure how much it will cost but if it works could be worth it..
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  • MojisolaMojisola Forumite
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    Can you see your machine here -

    If so, download the instruction manual and work through that.

    It sounds as if the tension isn't set right.

    Also: http://sewing.about.com/od/sewingmachineindex/a/mtroubleshot.htm

    Don't give up if you can't sort it out - ask around people you know and see if any of them are experienced sewers who will look at the machine for you.
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    iammumtooneiammumtoone Forumite
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    I have the original manual, that came with it. Hence why I am sure I am threading it correctly.

    Unfortunately I don't know anyone who sews who could help.

    You might be right about tension, to me the way it sews looks about right the stitches are even on both sides, however I am not an expert so this could be it. The needle is the correct size and I put a new one in, the tension dial is set in the middle.

    I will ask at the shop for a servicing quote and see what they say. I am happy to pay for it to be serviced for the tension to be put right if I could be sure this will fix the problem. I don't want to be paying for a service if I find out it needs parts/has more issues as it could end up costing me more than another second hand machine which has no issues.
  • It sounds like a tension problem to me, I would get someone in to service your machine asap. There are plenty of ones on the internet who will come to you and service your machine at home.
  • ArtytartyArtytarty Forumite
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    I have thirty year old Toyota machine. I have to keep my top tension dial set between three and four.
    Make sure when you thread it that you have the foot raised, if it's down the tension discs close and the thread does not between them easily.
    Also check that your bobbin is not popping out of its place. Mine has a little tab you hold to keep the bobbin in the case as you pop it into place, that can be a bit tricky.
    Keep on trying, it doesn't sound like a major fault.
    Report back as to how you are getting on?
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  • kindlefirebabekindlefirebabe Forumite
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    Is there a craft/sewing class you can join locally? If so, you may be able to get support from someone there. I too think that it may be a tension problem. And if that is the case, then that is not a serious problem and could be resolved with a little expertise. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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  • LimaraLimara Forumite
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    I have been sewing very slowing and watching what happens.

    After a few seconds the thread reel seems to spin making the thread untangle, if I stop straight way the machine stays threaded but the reel has started to unwind. Anyone any ideas?

    are you sure you have the thread reel sitting correctly and unwinding from the right way, its very easy to get it the wrong way round the length of time you describe it working for would be about the exact time it would take before its pulled off the reel again if its the incorrect way it would make the reel seem to spin.
  • CandyB101_2CandyB101_2 Forumite
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    Do you have a new sharp needle ... usually when mine plays up I change the needle and that usually sorts it
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