how to deal with 10 year old debt

hi, i would be gratefull for any advice. i am on long term esa support group benefit, i have five defaults that i am paying off at between £5 and £10 per month, they range from £400 to £7000 owing so i know i will be paying them for ever, the agencies i pay are happy with my payments and i am up to date. my problem now is that i received a letter yesterday from MK recoveries telling me i owe £2777 for a hire purchase i had over ten years ago, i have not payed or had any contact until now. MK recoveries allready handle one of the debts that i currently pay so i dont know if this makes any differance. i dont know how or if i should respond, is the debt still valid after all this time, what do i tell them if they phone me regarding this debt. any help please. sorry about spellings and thank you in advance for your advice


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    Have you check your online credit report? Maybe getting together all details of your debt, and creating a budget on how you are paying them off will be helpful?

    If you post a statement of affairs on here, there are lots of people with good advice.

    Why are you paying so little on your debts? You need to be in a position to pay more, so sorting yourself our will help.

    Dont resign to the fact you will just be paying out forever!!
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    thanks for your reply. i only get £224 per fortnight as i cant work due to disability, i juggle money around to pay what i am paying. i just wanted to know about old debts
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