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'A threat to the government on students' £21,000 loan repayment' blog discussion



  • chocolady
    chocolady Posts: 107 Forumite
    I hope you do indeed do this Martin as you will have been well and truly set up by the government when they know you are a trusted voice to so many. Since the onset of student fees I have always felt that despite all assurances to the contrary these are just an excuse for the government to avoid helping our youth have a free further education that they themselves enjoyed while hoping to ease in ways of profiteering from them through the back door. I have been on the Save the Student site and they say that when they had some fairly respected economists go over the contracts there was absolutely nothing to guarantee anything in them from being changed which would hardly be accepted under any other form of contract. Further I read that in America the government are looking to take the loan book back into state hands such is the aggressiveness some of the loan companies use to harass graduates including ringing them in the early hours of the morning etc. we usually follow here what happens there and I'm afraid that's where I think this is leading and sadly you will always get government plants such as above and people who don't have kids and don't care making the governments excuses and reasonable sounding arguments for them. The ferocity that has been used against students daring to protest and virtual media blackout on such protests smell to high heaven and point to a potential major money maker for any present or future administration and their business pals.

    Save the student also say that early repayment charges etc. are also being mooted despite being denied earlier in the big con that is student fees. I have advised my son to borrow as little as he can as I don't want him to be at the mercy of these untrustworthy crooks. Unfortunately as a single parent I can't help him much and I fear for his future while politicians are as corrupt as ours. I tell as many of my friends as I can about this as it is so complicated a process I seriously think people don't understand all of the implications. I wish you all the best and would fully support any protest you intend to make if it happens so the government don't get away with hiding this bad news. Well done martin.
  • ericctheking
    What I don't understand is how can contracts that have clearly illegal and unfair terms in them and be non diss-chargeable in bankruptcy be set up and people are told it is okay because it is from the government.
    Then the loans get sold off to private companies!!!!!!
    So private companies can get the benefits of illegal miss-sold loans.
  • andy5241
    andy5241 Posts: 48 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Isn't this how the Lib-Dems started with the we won't allow anyone to stop uni grants?
  • John_Pierpoint
    John_Pierpoint Posts: 8,391 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary
    edited 13 January 2015 at 5:23AM
    As an early "baby boomer", but not someone who claimed a student grant, back in the days when only 2.5 percent of the population went to "real" universities (*), I just thought I would make a posting so I can track the progress of this election vote looser.

    The reality of the situation is that our productivity per worker is going DOWN while the amount of money raised by taxation, or printed, or borrowed from my primary school aged grandchildren, continues to RISE.

    This pain is going to be spread across all the generations - it is not going to go away as more and more people scrabble for less and less resources.

    At the last election the elephant in the room was the deficit - I just could not believe it when NO party mentioned it.

    So what is going to be the elephant in the room this time round ?

    (*) There were some other degree level opportunities offered by institutions called technical colleges - and a prime minister whose lifetime achievement was setting up "The Open University".
  • antrobus
    antrobus Posts: 17,386 Forumite
    MSE_Paloma wrote: »
    This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.

    Please click 'post reply' to discuss below.

    Honestly? Really? You think that a "mass protest" is a "threat to the Government"?
  • ericctheking
    The problem is (and this is way the Eruido people haven't got the sympathy they deserve) that a lot of people see student loans as something that must be payed back at any costs because these idiots think it is the moral thing to do and people borrowed the money so they should pay it back type of hand wringing.
    What these absolute idiots do not realize is how the loans were sold. They were not sold as regular loans! They have basically been miss-sold on a huge scale if the money must be re-payed to the last penny by everyone who took out the loans (this is what the idiots want!)
    You can see the propaganda from the government about default rates etc in the press (these aren't real defaults these are poeople who fulfill their contract by not paying or paying very little because they don't earn enough. The aim of this is to turn the public against anyone with a student loan and make people see people who took student loans and haven't paid it all back as immoral.
    Added to this is the privatisation of the loans. The idiots still thing that these private companies that are owned by Americans and have structured there affairs in such away to avoid paying tax deserve this money!
  • John_Pierpoint
    antrobus wrote: »
    Honestly? Really? You think that a "mass protest" is a "threat to the Government"?

    Politicians are motivated by getting power then holding on to power and then serving their constituents.

    Election year is the one year in five when that order is reversed - so the answer is yes.

    When I dumped Scottish Power, one of the questions asked by the customer retention call centre operative was:
    "Tell me did Martin Lewis put you up to this ?"

    Similarly when my letters to my county council were ignored and strangely "went missing", I discovered that the same letter on Friends of the Earth or The Opens Spaces society letter heading got published on committee agendas and got discussed.

    The more apathetic the average voter becomes the more power accrues to pressure groups - think of the backward somersaults generated by the Scottish yes campaign
  • JimmyTheWig
    JimmyTheWig Posts: 12,199 Forumite
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    antrobus wrote: »
    Honestly? Really? You think that a "mass protest" is a "threat to the Government"?
    Did you ever hear of the poll tax?
  • Takeaway_Addict
    Did you ever hear of the poll tax?
    Many people wouldn't have now, if that's your most recent example its poor
    Don't trust a forum for advice. Get proper paid advice. Any advice given should always be checked
  • Dewpoint
    Dewpoint Posts: 148 Forumite
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    edited 14 January 2015 at 9:39AM
    No - I think the threshold should be frozen at the level agreed when the student started university. Applying "inflation" is nonsense. Most students will enjoy a steadily growing income after graduation, and it's right they pay back an increasing amount to the British taxpayer who helped them enjoy the added benefits of a university education. It will also make some students think twice about embarking on Mickey-Mouse "degree" courses that only qualifies them for serving French fries at McDonalds after three years!
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