MoneySaving Poll: Should restaurant menus tell you the calories?



  • I have only ever been to a restaurant once that showed the calories against every meal (It took a while to actually realise what the numbers meant) I can honestly say it totally ruined the meal, we ended up eating considerably less which in turn is not good for a restaurants business. The result...I will never go to that restaurant again.
    I want to eat guilt free. I do not have a weight problem so at least a menu with or without calories shown should be offered but again this is extra costs for a restaurant to produce.
    It also raised a couple of points. It could encourage chefs to adjust meals to reduce calories. Not everyone has a weight problem so why should their choices be compromised if flavour is affected and finally how do you know or prove the calorie count is accurate.
    I think the weight watchers are the reason the vote is high in favour of this idea.
  • I'd personally rather have the info.

    If I go out to enjoy a meal at a restaurant I don't expect (or want!) it to be calorie free, I want tasty food prepared for me. I don't expect the serving sizes to be perfect to X amount either. That said if one dish has 400 calories and another has 1000 it might sway my decision which to choose.
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  • Who pays for this calorie information? US, the consumer.

    Who tests and gives a calorie count of a certain dish? A specified laboratory who will charge in excess of £200 per dish to test and provide certification.

    Now who does this favour? It favours the big chains who have the same menu distributed throughout their 100+ restaurants serving exactly the same pre made food.

    If you go to your local restaurant or cafe, where the menus change on a daily/weekly basis using local produce and cooked by a real person, then is it feasible for such an establishment to pay for such certification? of course it isnt. It would put a huge burden both administrative and financial on small local restaurants.

    The spirit of producing calorie counts is fair, but a line needs to be drawn in how this number is obtained.
  • Hell no. I'd never eat out again!
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  • I would rather the menus were in larger, plain type. Or at least have some decent lighting, so we can read it!

    As for calories, its a restaurant- not weight watchers! enjoy!
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    That'll take the fun out of the cake trolley then!
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