MSE News: One in nine worried they can't pay for housing costs after Xmas



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    Catriona_P wrote: »
    I usually end up worrying after Christmas because I get paid a week early in December (I think most people do?). It just means having to stretch wages an extra week in January.
    I don't get it.
    If you got paid earlier, then you should have had more money left from the previous salary that had to cover the 'extra' week.
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    Why don't people learn to budget? If you know you always struggle at christmas, put away £50 a month starting now. Then spend as you would at christmas (Dare I say spend less?) and then come January you can use your £600 of Savings to ensure that the month of January is not rough.

    People come out with the same every year but never attempt to make it easier for themselves.
  • anoncol
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    Catriona_P wrote: »
    I usually end up worrying after Christmas because I get paid a week early in December (I think most people do?). It just means having to stretch wages an extra week in January. If you're struggling to make ends meet, that extra week can be a problem regardless of how much you've spent at Christmas.

    But then I have the added problem of my child's birthday being in January. If I'd had known beforehand... :o

    I have people at work that day that but it doesn't make sense. They seem to have to spend the money just because it's in their account then they run out in the 6 week Jan salary.
  • Goldiegirl
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    This isn't really news.

    When I worked in the mortgage arrears department of a large lender it was commonplace for people to go into arrears in January.

    This was 20-30 years ago
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    Pen notebook calculator and willpower. Plus save a bit during the good times for a rainy day. I've been on a zero-hours contract for 7 years so I work all the shifts going during November & December because I know it will be quiet in January. I budget on a yearly basis not weekly or even monthly. Budgeting is a bit like the water industry. If they didn't build reservoirs to store water our taps would run dry in summer. Barclays look after my spare cash for free. :o
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    Thirteen months ago I was very MSE and got myself a Nationwide 15 month 0% free for purchases credit card. I splurged on a season ticket to work. I splurged on a largish smart TV and modest PC computer built from components.

    Time moves on and I have paid latest season ticket with a different card that offers 1% cash back, This must be paid within a month to avoid interest that more than cancels the cash-back . I am dipping into savings accounts paying 3% before tax to pay for this so it hurts my impression of being wealthier than I thought I was before I did the sums and realized it was just borrowed money.

    You may disagree.
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    You're assuming that people don't spend anything on Christmas - outlays are not the same even if you're spending money you do 'have' and not on credit cards. If you don't buy anybody presents, or buy a tree, or xmas day food etc etc then yes the extra week wouldn't make a blind bit of difference but that's not the reality. So of course that extra week makes a difference.
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    Goldiegirl wrote: »
    This isn't really news.

    Ah but UK journalists - ie not just MSE - always treat press releases as hot breaking news.
  • jjlandlord
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    BREAKING NEWS: Exclusive analysis by leading expert

    The examples in the articles have very little to do, if anything at all, with Christmas.
    Another sensational title to attract the punters...
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