Hello all first post...
I've been somewhat of :mad:a bury the head in sand type as far as money and want to share something here.
I got a letter from Santander saying my credit card was over the balance. In fact 5k worth. I phoned to check they said mistake ignore letter and I was relieved for all of 5secs. He meant they had received my 150amonth min payment. I said I thought it cleared every month I tought I had set it up this way? No he told me that wasn't the case and I have a massive bill. I said do you not phone if over, but this had been negated by the 150 min payment. It is my fault for not facing statements etc I'm just wondering is there any way of getting any of these interests back over the last year or so. It has really knocked me for six as I aim to stay positive...:(


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