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NST; January Challenge- The Money Saving Game

LoveaDove Posts: 491 Forumite
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:D NST; January Challenge- The Money Saving Game!! :D

New Year? New Start? Press -Continue- (or scroll down)

Welcome to the new Monthly NST (Ninja Saving Turtles) Challenge! NST's are a group of Money Saving challengers from across the UK who are always up for new money saving challenges, fighting our way to debt freedom, sharing tips and new money saving discoveries, general chat, support and good banter! This challenge is open to everyone- so please join us wherever you are! A HUGE Happy New Year 2015 and a welcome back to previous challengers!

Are you ready to Press Start on a New Money Saving venture? The New Year is a traditional time of New beginnings and fresh starts. Time to shake off those negative spending habits and begin creating some new debt busting/ saving one's! Travel with us through the levels of debt busting on our journeys to debt freedom and financial security!

Rules of the Challenge:

1. This Challenge commences on the 1st January 2015 @ 00:00 and finishes on the 31st January 2015 @ 23:59.
2. Set ALL of your budgets at the beginning of the month: let us know what your budget is for: groceries, fuel/travel, social/leisure, Birthdays and any other saving goals for the month.
3. Pay money to your debts first- This will help you budget your money for the rest of the month and make adjustments accordingly. But please do not leave yourself really short!
4. You MUST bring your lunch to work every day No using the canteen (unless this is free of course) or local cafes. Coffee shops are also banned throughout January! It's time to detox (or get your money's worth from the home brewed variety if you can not do without) :)
5.Donate £3 from your food budget, or £3 you have saved from not visiting a coffee shop and purchase £3 worth of items to donate to your local food bank. Many supermarkets have Food bank drop off baskets, alternatively donate unused tinned products from your cupboards or donate online £3 to The Trussel Trust who help to run Food banks across the country. Let's support those in our local communities and make a positive start to the New Year.
6. Down shift 3 of your branded food items. Try down shifting a brand to super market own! Yellow sticker items (reduced items) are also your friend's- so long as they can be used towards a meal!
7. Meal Plan!- Try to meal plan as many of your meals as possible. This will work wonders with helping you to condense your shopping list (along with your cupboards) if it is all written down and justified for allocated meals. Helping you to be armed and prepared for the Supermarkets inevitable consumerist advertisement, drawing you in to sales of items you would never normally buy!
8. You will aim to achieve 18 Spend Free Days (SFDs)- Plan your spends, think about what you are buying. Is it worth losing a SFD over a chocolate bar? Exemptions include: prescriptions/ medication, yellow sticker (reduced) food or drink and regular direct debits- these will not lose you a SFD.
9. Document your spends- Use a spreadsheet, notebook or your phone. Document every single spend that you make. You might be surprised as to where you money is going!
10. Time to get moving - Increase your movement, whether it's taking the stairs at work instead of the lift, getting off a stop early, going out for a walk. We all feel a little sluggish after the indulgences over the festive season. You do not need to join the gym- save your money and get creative!
11. Choose your Debt Free Date now or the % of Debt you aim to clear by January 2016.
12. Share your 2015 Goals- financial or other.
13. Check in regularly - Check in with us regularly throughout the month and keep us posted on your budgets, your successes, general chat and if you want a bit of motivation from team NST- give us a shout! (or a message).

:cool:**Please leave your name if you would like to join us for the January 2015 NST Challenge! General chatter around the rules will commence on 1st Jan. Mini 'Game' themed weekly challenges will further commence on the 6th January**:cool:
Back Story
NST's founder and original leader of these monthly challenges, forum user- NinjaSavingKat is our inspiration behind the group name. NSK cleared huge quantities of debt and then saved a fantastic sum of money over a period of 2 years and has since departed for travels around the globe. NSK left a legacy behind in the form of us NST's who have continued the challenges in a somewhat similar style to her own, but with monthly themes and mini weekly challenges. NSK's determination, super scrimping and challenges kept us on the straight and narrow as we followed her journey into debt freedom! Join and share with us on your debt free and saving journeys!
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  • LoveaDove
    LoveaDove Posts: 491 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud!
    edited 27 January 2015 at 1:14AM
    :j * Reserved for Contenders*:j

    1. LoveaDove
    2. liltdiddylilt
    3. thriftylass
    4. Calling14
    5. Fmess
    6. traveller
    7. mothernerd
    8. Stewby
    9. sazzlebgood
    10. angelicious
    11. Caeraugirl
    12. shyspender
    13. apple muncher
    14. Midgie
    15. CEW
    16. Philae
    17. rb6ac
    18. Bobarella
    19. Dottydaisy
    20. speakingofart
    21. vintagebrighton
    22. ilovetea
    23. Charly27
    24. moveit
    25. £ashcow
    26. Purpleroses
    27. LINKYPIE2009
    28. WelshKitty85
    29. millionaire in training
    30. blubella
    31. dolly84
    32. timetrade
    33. lindsaygalaxy
    34. nannygladys
    35. cupcake-queen
    36. Missu
    37. Samiszel
    38. Synonymous
    39. Racing towards retirement
    40. Debtdrowninglondongirl

    *Future NST Thread Leader Volunteers*

    February- mothernerd :heartsmil
    March- Shyspender :heartsmil
    April- Calling14 :heartsmil
    May- speakingofart :heartsmil
    June- applemuncher :heartsmil
    July- Liltdiddylilt :heartsmil
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  • Fmess
    Fmess Posts: 2,920 Forumite
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    Sign me up please
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  • traveller
    traveller Posts: 1,506 Forumite
    HI Loveadove, can you sign me up please? Off to read it now and thanks for doing January :T
    :A Your Always in my heart, you never ever will be forgotten-9/9/14:heart2:
  • mothernerd
    mothernerd Posts: 4,827 Forumite
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    I'm in please LoveaDove.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • sazzlebgood
    i'd like to join in please
    budgets = food gone:eek:/ petrol almost gone:eek:/nsd:mad:/ Treats: where the money gone? far far away:mad:/exercise not happening/declutter: only my purse:(
    time for me :fat chance
  • angelicious
    Can I join the challenge please?
    Save £12k in 2024 - £0/25,000
  • Caeraugirl
    Me too please loveadove! Looking forward to starting afresh in 2015
    #19 Save £12k in 2024 £6808.21/£12000

    June NSD Challenge 5/15
  • shyspender
    I'm in please Loveadove
    Feb NST #4
    Food £16.55/£200, Fuel £0/£250, Ents £17.47/£180, General £4/£100, SFD 8/15, LTW 11/16
    Debt Free Date Friday 29th March 2014 :j
  • apple_muncher
    apple_muncher Posts: 14,795 Forumite
    First Anniversary Mortgage-free Glee! First Post Name Dropper
    Me too, please!

    Love the challenge!
    NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!
  • Midgie
    Midgie Posts: 104 Forumite
    Me too please!!!
    Moving to financial freedom!
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