Switch to Santander 123 from my HSBC cuurent account.

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    HSBC won't close your Credit Card account due to you closing your current account with them.

    i'm an HSBC customer, and shall remain so, but my question would be: why do you want to keep the Credit Card account open? i have used them for Balance Transfers in the past, but i never get any repeat deals...so i haven't retained one of their cards..

    you could have a Cashback/Points card for spending, or apply for a Barclaycard/MBNA card for transferring a balance.:)
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    I would definitely contact Santander about the address issue, stating that you believe it may have affected the decision as it's caused issues in the past and could they reconsider.
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    colsten wrote: »
    123 doesn't pay 3% cashback on supermarkets.

    why not?
    Its not "All" supermarkets, or "All" petrol stations, its only certain ones.
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    roddydogs wrote: »
    Its not "All" supermarkets, or "All" petrol stations, its only certain ones.

    Agreed, and I didn't say that it is. I quoted text from their website verbatim.

    My "why not?" was/is addressed to buglawton who suggested that the 123 CC is "Not so good for those who prefer to be cautious about CC spending though". I am just trying to understand why it would not be.
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