Christmas disasters, any one else have one.

We had it all planned out then it all went wrong :(.

The kids bought the lergy home from school which I got Tuesday, then my wife got it. I went to bed at about 8 on Christmas eve, tried to get up Christmas day but ended up in bed until about 12:30. Hardly any of the food we got in even got looked at. Boxing day I got up to look after the kids and my wife never got up at all. Luckily the kids are much better.
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  • Pollycat
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    Glad to hear the kids are feeling better, but in the grand scheme of things being ill at Christmas is hardly a 'disaster'.

    Hope your New Year is better.
  • Oh you had to be here it was awful.
    Nothing to see here, move along.
  • Pollycat
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    Oh you had to be here it was awful.

    Worse than being caught in a tsunami?

    Worse than being on a plane that's gone missing?

    Worse than being hit by a runaway rubbish truck?

    I've been ill at Christmas before, it wasn't nice and it did impact on our plans but 'a disaster'?
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    Try having a funeral the day before Christmas Eve and a sudden death on Christmas day. Then talk to me about disasters. I'm sick now, but that's nothing compared to what my neighbour is going through and my cousin at this very moment.

    And as was mentioned above those poor people in Glasgow. A cold or flu is nothing compared to what they are all going through!
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    There will always be somebody better off than you and there will always be somebody worse off than you. If somebody feels they had a bad time, that's what matters; there really is no need to point out that there are people worse off. I'm quite sure they knew that anyway. Either tell your own story or move on!

    I had the flu once over Christmas. It was horrible but the silver lining was that I gained a slight 6-pack from all the coughing while lying in bed/on the sofa :D I hope you're all feeling better soon OP. Maybe try and have a bigger New Year's to make up for it.
  • Spendless
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    It's not been great. My maternal grandmother who has dementia was admitted to hospital on 14 December.

    A friend who I'd rang upset about the stress I was under a week before Christmas was rude to me as I knocked on her door with her christmas card on the 23rd.

    The following day, I'd only been awake 1/2 an hour when the police rang wanting to talk to me re the above friend following a phone call she'd made to the police (not about me) and at one point they were coming to my house to speak to her there, this later was cancelled.

    Xmas eve night, nan was moved from her hospital ward to an assessment centre. She thinks it's a residential home she's been pt in by us and is incredibly upset and refusing to talk to us over it.

    So far, behind things cos of the above, I ended up missing my usual trip to IL's on Christmas day as no veg was peeled and we had to eat early enough to visit Nan, so putting off till later didn't work.

    This morning has fetched the news that my paternal nan's sister, the one that she was the closest to and spent a lot of time with, has died last night.
  • Spendless I am so so sorry to hear what a terrible time you are currently having. I hope things start to look up for you soon.

    OP, sorry to hear that your Christmas was not all that you had hoped it would be. Hopefully Christmas 2015 is a better one for you.
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    This year we didn't have Xmas day as my dd1 started throwing up on Xmas eve and continued until the evening on Xmas day and had a really really high temp...we were very worried about her.....but all is well now and we had our Xmas dinner on New Years day instead.

    A few years ago when the kids were little and we had eaten, I left the kids playing a game with dad and grandma and in my wisdom I decided to bleed the radiator in our bedroom( heaven knows why I chose Xmas day to do this but I did)..... And the little screw you turn shot out and all the water flooded out and we had towels and all sorts while we waited for the Plummer...there was even water coming through the ceiling's the first time my dh has ever shouted at me in front of my mum and even the neighbours came round as they heard the comotion lol

    And yes, every single Xmas thereafter, this has been laughed about....I will never be able to forget it
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