My birthday is close to christmas so already had some gifts but my best present so far has to be my ugg slippers! So cozy. Feel free to tell me the worst present but I have to say I've loved all mine so far. We open presents Christmas morning. I know christmas is about other things besides presents...however it is piece in the puzzle though and usually a nice part to talk about!


  • Well, I have to say firstly Happy Birthday! Mine was the other day and my best present was that i'd been left some inheritance money from my beloved Nan who passed away in January. It just came through on 17th and so I bought myself a Digital Piano from her for my birthday & had it delivered on the day.

    For Xmas, i'm pretending I haven't opened them yet :p
  • I got a new watch which I love and marc Jacobs dot perfume gift set xxx
  • Mrs_RyanMrs_Ryan Forumite
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    A pink Asus touchscreen notebook to replace my knackered old brick of a lappy :)
    *The F,P,and R fan club* #GravyRulesOK
    ‘Don’t Be Bitter- Glitter!* #PrestonIsLife
    Dad- 20.02.2020. I used to be his Angel, now he is mine.
    Proud triple graduate- BA (Hons) 2017 OU, MA 2019 DMU, BSc Open 2022 OU ❤️
  • cattiecattie Forumite
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    My best present has been to myself as I receive very little from other people as most of my family has died as well as my closest friend. I bought myself some mystery packs of craft stuff & I've been over the moon with the contents.
    The bigger the bargain, the better I feel.

    I should mention that there's only one of me, don't confuse me with others of the same name.
  • Kim_kimKim_kim Forumite
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    I got a pair of sheepskin gloves by totes, I love them. A emoji mains electric power foot file, a lovely costume jewellery matching bracelet & ring (very bling) & a calendar for 2015 of my beautiful grandchildren.
    My boss had given me a basket with xmas socks, chocolate, wine, bath bomb & beauty bits.
    Another colleague got me a bottle of champers!!
    I love them all!!
  • KinskiKinski Forumite
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    My oh and I said we would only spend £50 on each other. I stuck to it but my oh didn't, he bought me a canon camera I had my eyes on.
  • It's not one of mine but my sil bought OH a pineapple corer & slicer and an pith slicer.. haven't laughed so much in ages!! (I'm allergic to pineapple!)
  • SmooshSmoosh Forumite
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    My OH bought me an iPad mini :eek::T
  • my OH bought me a digital piano (second hand on eBay, we looked out for the right one for ages and picked it up a few weeks ago), looking forward to playing it, I had lessons many years ago but very rusty ATM. I also loved some hand-made felt tree decs my friend made me, I love that she spent time making them for me.
  • MercenaryMercenary Forumite
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    My best ones (and almost only ones) were a new gaming mouse and the game Far Cry 4 :D
    Needless to say, I'd chosen them before Christmas, but still......
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