What is the best plan for a plot of mud..?

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So, at the end of the garden there is a section about 40x80ft.

It was grass last year, but it is now 10 inch deep mud. What would be the best wat to get rid/reduce the mud and get it back to grass?

The mud was caused by the chickens and the pig, which have since been moved elsewhere..


  • The soil has likely been compacted by the pigs and there's no earthworms left alive.

    If it was a dryish area before, leave until spring then get a 1 tonne bag of sharp grit and 1 tone of top soil, hire a tiller and dig those in, then returf.
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    It should be highly fertile given pigs and chicken muck.

    Hire a decent sized rotavator and work it deeply, late spring then seed or turf. This being MSE, :money::money:, and me being me, I'd seed.
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    I would do nothing until at least the end of March. Then I would review the options, no point in rushing things now.
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