virgin media have put up their price but i agreed that the price would not go up for

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Hi help needed.

I have just moved house and moved virgin at the same time. I was out of contract in the old house and sighed up to a new 1 year contract in November.

I got a good price for all the services they offer, however i made sure I asked the person on the phone that this price would not go up in the next year. I was told that it would not, I double checked asking again and was told no all i would pay for the next year is the price I agreed.

To my surprise I had a letter today saying it is going up by £4.50pm.
I called and was told it is in their t&c's so they can do it. I argued my point saying that there has been an oral amendment to the t&cs and it should not go up.

am i right what should i do?
How long do they keep phone calls for?

many thanks


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    So you expect them to support your case? :) try recording your own calls in future! You may find that you have the price locked - only accounts can confirm this. If not, they give you the opportunity to leave at no penalty, but only within 30 days of receiving the letter. As all the other carriers are increasing anyway, I doubt you'll be disadvantaged for long.
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    Disagree with poster above. My mum had a similar issue with Sky. She phoned and agreed a discounted price. It wasn't reflected in her next bill. She phoned and they denied all knowledge. She gave them the date and time that she'd called and the call-handler's name. They retrieved the tape and listened to it and conceded that the lower price had been agreed.

    It was applied immediately and she was refunded for the month where she'd paid too much.

    If you know when you called, ask for them to review their call recording.
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