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  • Hi, I've fallen into a customer service black hole paying for customs charges on a parcel that was never meant for me. Can anyone help? Bare with me while I try & explain...
    I order regularly from the US so when I received an email asking me to pay customs charges I paid thinking it was the order I was waiting for. But what arrived was something I wasn't expecting from a company called Halo Beauty. Through checking various tracking numbers I was able to figure out the parcel was meant to be sent to Poland & HB were able to find the customers details & resend the parcel (yay me!). I've absolutely no idea how this parcel meant for Poland ended up with me in the UK. The parcel was sent by DHL in the US, customs clearance UK dealt with the customs payment and the parcel reached me via Yodel. Yodel said they're just a carrier, it came from DHL so it's their problem. Customs advised me to speak to the sender as they can't refund anything because the parcel has already been released. I don't think its the senders problem because they addressed the parcel correctly for Poland? I have tried to speak to DHL US, DHL UK, DHL Express, DHL ecommerce, & DHL Global after each department told me I needed to speak to someone else & they're sending me round in a big loop. No answers. What I'd really like is a refund on the customs charges if I can get it. What scares me though is how my address ended up on a parcel meant for Poland. Does anyone have any advice? Can anyone help please? Thank you! 
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