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WARNING re Sainsburys Nectar Points



  • Gift cards are exempt from this im afraid
    The original janiebaby ;)
  • Hi,
    I think there are the usual exclusions such as spirits and liqueurs, petrol, lottery, tobacco and prescriptions. When I did my spends I bought clothing, electricals and wine, most of them when special offers were on. As long as you scan your nectar card the spend should be recorded automatically. I would keep the till slip each time just in case but you should only need the final one which then has to be scanned on your next shop to add the points straight away.
    Hope this helps
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    You just need to realise that some Nectar points can take up to 28 days to be credited on your account.

    When you do get your 2500 point coupon, buy something for over £1 and pay at the kiosk and hand in the coupon to the cashier.

    Does not work on self scans as I think the max points on a single coupon is 1000 points.

    I will not get mine has have to spend 5x £30. Done it twice and a new one started on Sunday snd prob another 2 more £30 spends.
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    Gift cards are exempt from this im afraid

    [STRIKE]Thought that might be the case but thanks for clarifying[/STRIKE]

    Just changing this as I went last night and my shop did count towards the offer and I bought gift cards which brought it over the threshold so if it helps anyone, gift cards can be used.

    Looks like I'll be getting a nice lump sum of 4000 points in a week or so :)
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