WARNING re Sainsburys Nectar Points

Anyone had the coupons offering Bonus points e.g.
5 x £50 spend between certain dates earn 3500 points

I did my 5th spend the other day but the points did not appear on my receipt. I checked with customer service who said they would be added automatically in the next few days. This is INCORRECT! On closer inspection I have to have the coupon from my 5th spend scanned when I next shop.

Hope no one misses out on the bonus points.

(apologies if posted in wrong place)


  • Callie22
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    You have to be really careful with Sainsbury's and Nectar vouchers. I often find that the points aren't added. I recently got a voucher from my local store offering me all of my unused points in one voucher, but when it scanned through it only added one point instead of 600. I asked at customer services and was told it would be added in a couple of days. It wasn't, and I ended up sending a photocopy of my receipt to Nectar to get the points. I'm not normally this persistent but I do feel that if you're personally sent a voucher, it should work.
  • chatbug
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    Thanks Westie123 I would have been one of the people to have missed out, so thanks again.
  • Lynsey
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    I'm a "victim" of the missing points also. They were on one day and vanished on another day!!

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  • Chris25
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    oh dear - I had vouchers for 4 weeks & another to hand in for extra points after my 4th shop. I handed it in (& it was accepted) with my 4th shop - it looks as though I may have lost those extra points!
  • janiebaby29
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    it does say on the voucher that your points voucher will be printed on the 5th shop and you get this one scanned on your next shop .
    The original janiebaby ;)
  • JAG
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    Chris25 wrote: »
    oh dear - I had vouchers for 4 weeks & another to hand in for extra points after my 4th shop. I handed it in (& it was accepted) with my 4th shop - it looks as though I may have lost those extra points!

    I have done the same.

    I think it may have said that the extra points would be added within 28 days on the voucher.
  • Jint
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    Hmm, think I may already be, or about to be victim of that. I've got something that shows I've got ticks on all 5 shops so I'm now entitled to the 3500 points. It says 'Congratulations, you've completed 5 shops, 3500 bonus nectar points on your next shop in store'
    Nothing says - scan this voucher on your next shop so I assumed it would automatically add. We've done another shop since then but not scanned the voucher. The valid until date is today. Anyone know if it will work if I scan today?
    Very misleading I think!
  • OmniaHD
    OmniaHD Posts: 26 Forumite
    blimey, I had loads of problems too, I was furious !!!

    did my last £60 shop last wednesday and received a 'congratulations' voucher, due to not being able to read the small writing on the receipts as I did my qualifying shops I didnt realise that I needed to keep the final coupon and as in the past they have automatically been added straight to your card I shoved it aside in one of their carrier bags and put the new £70 shop receipt in my purse, so 2 days later I pop in to spend my points and had to put stuff back as they werent on card and there was no way I was using cash and was then informed I needed to scan the voucher next time I shopped and the cash would be discounted from my shopping bill if i wanted to use it all.

    went home in a panic as bin men had been day earlier, but fortunately found said voucher in bottom of a cooked chicken remain bag:eek:, least I hadnt lost it.

    so, saturday I pop back to purchase few bits i had put back day earlier, to find coupon wouldnt scan after several tries from myself and lady on self scan, she said customer service would pop points on, so off she went, came back with nectar card and no points , so waited 10 mins still no points..

    they then said 28 days to come onto card, so I pointed out that back of receipt said scan at point of purchase on next shop, implying it could be used then, after all they are advertising £17.50 off your xmas shop, after a further 35 mins on phone to nectar, they ended up giving me a gesture of good will (got no further with nectar on phone) and I still get to keep £15 of my points WHEN they decide to arrive on my card.

    I was absolutely peed off at this point as I am no thicko but believe the way they have done this is very misleading, there was a 70+ lady in queue behind me, she had also thrown her coupon away and was very upset, she had also just spent £125 and although had previously been given the new voucher for the £25 off £70 x 5 she hadnt been given her 'first qualifying shop voucher', behind her was another lady whom had also thrown her voucher away, as she also there was nothing clear at all on the front of the voucher and writing was to small to read clearly.

    I was already annoyed that on monday I had gone for the 25% of TU, to be told it wasnt on and wasnt coming on, when I went back on tuesday for 3rd £60 shop, it was on!!!! I had purchased school uniform to the value of £38 on monday and washed it as I normally do and in effect already wiped off £9.10 lost discount off my 3500 points.... arghhhhh.

    not to mention on friday, when I popped in for some food colouring and thought I would collect my sons controlled drug prescription, save him going on saturday , which is set up under the collect service, to be told, driver off, replacement off, so no collections been made for 4 days, result..... £9 return taxi to docs to collect as he would have run out on saturday and wouldnt have known till saturday when docs shut.

    yup Sainsburys has seriously peed me off this last week and having just had a hysterectomy, its been hard going back and forward to do my shops, as I dont drive, just wish they had been clearer, they are so going down hill!,
  • u704446
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    Yep, had presumed that using your Nectar card "on your next shop" would get you the bonus points automatically without having to present the "mission accomplished" voucher! Not clear at all.
  • tykesi
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    Does anyone know if this is specifically for spends on groceries or can it be for anything? I'e got a few gift cards to buy over the next week or so and will spread them out over a few shops if it will bag me some extra points.

    Also, do you need to keep the coupons or do they automatically accrue so long as you spend £60+ on each shop?
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