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Icant seem to get a credit card although i am totally upfront in my applications about my financial situation and bad credit score. I :was wondering if anybody could advice me how to rebuild my credit I have learnt from my previous mistakes and would like somebody to have enough faith in me to give me a credit card. I would like the credit card companies to take a more human approach to lending.Any advice much appreciated . :)


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    Have you read the article on this site here about credit cards for people with bad credit records?

    Don't you think it is 'more human' to make it difficult for people with a history of not dealing well with debt to get more credit?
    loose does not rhyme with choose but lose does and is the word you meant to write.
  • There are a few ways you can get better credit. I have a few friends who have gone through similar things. It was frustrating for them that they couldn't even get a credit card to start building up their credit. The basic premise is that you have to prove you can handle credit. Is it possible for you to get a credit card specially designed for people with bad credit? I.e., a card with high interest. If you can get one of those and be diligent about paying it off in full every month, then you can start to build up your credit.

    The advice I gave friends was to get into a routine; pay for your petrol with your credit card on your way home. When you get home, pay off what you've just spent. If you're not the kind of person who can keep this sort of routine, for whatever reason, you're probably better off without a credit card, especially one with high interest. I wouldn't advise people with bad credit to immediately go out and get one. However, it's all a mindset and once you can get into a methodical mindset, you can start to claw back that credit quickly.
  • I had a friend who did a similar thing to recover their credit card status. Reiterating the above post, it was only through being extremely diligent. He did slip up once and it nearly put him back at square one. It was a costly lesson. But he used them to his advantage and is now, I think, almost debt free
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    Any advice much appreciated . :)

    Learning the difference between credit cards and Stoozing would be a very good way to start.

    Then post in the right forum.
  • pogofish wrote: »
    Learning the difference between credit cards and Stoozing would be a very good way to start.

    Then post in the right forum.
    Very strange thread, this. Newbie (notsosavvywithmoneydotcom) requests advice then two first-time posters (Soffew56 & Kintil13) helpfully join the forum just to dispense advice.

    Call me cynical, but...
    Are you for real? - Glass Half Empty??
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