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Does anyone have any ideas on a 'crafty' gift kits for an 8 yr old girl?

I don't think my sister would be able to help her with knitting and she already has a french knitting kit.


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    How about pom poms, you can get a pom pom maker on amazon, hobbycraft and I'm sure plenty of other places, there's also books on things you can make with the pom poms. I've just made a Christmas wreath from them and it only cost me about £3 to make.
  • Stickers, pom-poms, pritt stick, coloured card, coloured pens, glitters!many 8 year old would love a kit with stuff like that in.
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    The works have Sock monkey (and other animals) kits. Also lots of christmas decoration ones like stockings and pompom santas.

    Im sure i saw a sock knitting kit somewhere. It was like a large fench knitting ring and came with the wool. Looked alot simpler for a child than knitting needles too
  • H0me [email protected] have a fab sock monkey kit - and probably others too :)

    Also look in W1lkinson's, they have lots of craft kits at reasonable prices - you could do her a hamper :)
  • Have a look on the Baker Ross website - it's great and the prices are fairly good too!

    For an 8 year old, I'd recommend getting some porcelain paint pens. They come in packs of five, different colour options, you can get plain, pearlescent and glittery ones, as well as black outliner pens. Then, get some cheap mugs/plates (ASDA smart price mugs are great for this) and just let them loose! Then, you let them dry for about four hours, before baking them in the oven for 90 minutes at 160 degrees. Just think of all the creative fun! Plus, they're a fantastic idea for cute gift ideas, eg. mother's/father's day, grandparents birthdays, teachers on last day of term.
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    Bath Bombs. My 3yr old and i made some the other day. I bought a kit from soapkitchen. They were a bit scruffy but she had brilliant fun .... i think more practice and they will look better :-)
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    A crafting book and all the items needed to make one of the projects?
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  • Perhaps a nice simple cross stitch or beginners tapestry? You can find loads of them for younger people wtih plenty of colourful designs and patterns
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