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    I know someone who slices it and warms it in the oven over a roasting pan of water to ensure it doesn't dry out - apparently that's how restaurants do it for feed such large numbers at xmas.

    It will be fine reheated so long as its piping hot throughout.
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  • My turkey over the years gets served hot Xmas day then is reheated in various guises over the next 3 days...sweet and sour, curry, black bean sauce kind of thing. Nobody has ever suffered. You just have to make sure it is properly hot and I'd advocate heating it in gravy so it doesn't dry out.
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    If we get sick of turkey i mix the cold turkey into a couple of cold jars of sauce ie curry or black bean and freeze.
  • I’ve spent hours trawling the net for an answer, and asked so many people over the years!!! How do you maintain crispy skin on your festive bird!?

    We are told to cover the turkey with foil or a towel for an hour or two... but this just causes condensation that turns the skin soggy!

    Any ideas? Blow torch?! Leave uncovered?!

    Also.... I have 11 guests... so where do people stand on cooking the turkey the night before?!
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    My mil cooked the meats the night before last year and it was hideous. The pork was like leather and the turkey drier than the Sahara. She’s usually a really good cook so an anomaly.

    As to how to have the skin to eat crispy. Take it off the bird the minute it’s cooked and gobble is up. It’s the best bit and shouldn’t be wasted to sogginess.

    I’m not allowed to cook at Christmas. Because I do selfish things like eat all the turkey skin. And eat all the best bits.

    I do have to slave away the day before and over night making the pavlova though.

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    Do a Google search for 'how to get crispy skin on turkey' and take your pick of the many suggestions
  • Last Friday I saw that Martin had blagged special turkey boxes with turkey, sausages stuffing etc. I can’t seem to find it now. Anyone still have the link or know if it is still available?

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    It was in last week's email. I can't find how to get to it on this website, but if you Google 'money saving expert archive emails' and select the email for 21 November, you'll find the details.
  • Here's my message sent at 4.00pm on Christmas Eve - a little late to do anything about...
    [email protected]
    Christmas Eve 2018, 4.00 pm

    Dear Heartier,
    I have just unpacked my turkey, in your words "6-7kg free range..., etc" and it seemed a bit small. I have weighed it and checked my scales with two (labelled) work-out weights of 2.5 Kg each and your turkey comes out at an impressive 5.18 Kg. I have taken a picture of the offending bird and also of my weights.
    This is really very poor, and rather late to rectify. I purposely ordered your larger bird as I have a seriously hungry crew to feed tomorrow.

    This provoked an automatic reply wishing me Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    I followed up:

    Thank you for your automated reply. I thought you might like an update on the underweight turkey you mis-sold me (see my previous). When I came to stuff the neck end, I found that it had been very poorly butchered. Not only was the neck skin inadequate, but (see attached photos) the skin had been punctured leaving bare flesh around the neck cavity extending onto the flesh - two gashes. Underweight, poorly butchered, I pray it will taste better than it looks.
    Who does your quality control? Does anybody do quality control? The turkey you provided for me is available from Ocado at £28.82 (“typically 5.49 kg”).
    I paid significantly more than this for a ‘bargain’.
    I have pictures to back up this complaint.
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